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Installing A New Jack On A T@B Camper

Installing a new Jack:
Continued from Steve Johnson's T@B Mods page

The larger problem installing the Trailer Valet Center Mount Tongue Jack on my 2021 T@B was my original T@B jack has a trapezoid shaped base, and the tongue of the T@B has a plate welded to it that backs up to the front of the jack's mounting flange (see picture 1 below). The new Trailer Valet jack has a round base that overlaps the welded plate on the tongue of the T@B (picture 2). For strength the baseplate of the jack should be bolted to a solid smooth surface, not just sitting on three bolts and a bunch of washers (picture 2).

If your's has the welded on plate, the solution is cutting the jack's baseplate or getting a pre drilled ½" plate. I chose the plate so I can mount any jack in a pinch if something happens to the current one.
The plate is manufactured by Sea Biscuit Metal Designs (picture 3) that raises and provides a solid surface for the jack flange to sit on and be securely bolted down using the same bolt pattern as the original jack (pictures 3, 4, 5). Once I had the plate it was a quick install of the three bolts to complete the installation (picture 6 below).
The new Trailer Valet Jack works smoothly, requires less effort, and the handle clears the front mounted spare tire. The included drill attachment is a plus for those that don't want to use a hand crank.
Note that the Sea Biscuit Metal Designs plate is not currently listed on their web site so you'll have to contact them. Tell them you need the plate Steve Johnson used to mount a round jack on his 2021 T@B 320.

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