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High Back Packable Camp Chairs:

Review and Compairson of the
KingCamp and Kilos Gear Camping Chairs.

KingCamp and Kilos Gear Camping Chairs

Looking for a comfortable, lightweight, packable, high back camping chair with arm rests? Here's my compairson of the two most popular packable camping chairs, the Kilos Chair 2.0 and the KingCamp camping chair.

What I look for in a packable chair:
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Packs into a small bag for camping, canoeing, and hiking
  • High back so I can lean my head back comfortably
  • Has Arm rests
  • Cup holder
  • Place off the ground to stash a phone, book, etc.
Note that an attached footstool is not necessary as you can get one of this type to use with any chair for a few bucks and it can be moved around: Camping Stool/Small Folding Chair

KingCamp and Kilos Gear Camping Chairs
Both the KingCamp and Kilos Gear Camping Chairs have the traits listed above and are of similar construction but there is a large price difference.
So what are the actual differences? (see my notes below)
KingCamp Chair
KILOS High-Back Armchair 2.0
Price: $59.99 (April 2023)
Price $119.95 (April 2023)
Weight packed in bag:
3 pounds, 14 oz.
Weight packed in bag:
4 pounds, 4 oz.
Headrest: No
Headrest: Yes (removable)
Armrests: Two, one with cupholder
Armrests: Two with cupholders
Pouch for Phone: In Front
Pouch for Phone: on right side
Seat and Back Material: Has side mesh for airflow.
Seat and Back Material: Has back mesh for airflow
Construction: 7075 aviation aluminum
Rated for 265 Pounds
Construction: 7075 aluminum alloy
Rated for 330 Pounds
Ease of Assembley: No loops -
But not hard to pull pockets over ends of frame.
Ease of Assembley: Has loops -
Makes it a little easier to pull pockets over ends.

I have both of these high back chairs with arm rests.
Here is what I found.
The biggest difference is price. The Kilos Gear chair costs twice what the KingCamp chair does. You can have two KingCamp chairs for the cost of one Kilos Gear chair. That's a huge difference. Is it worth it? Read below and decide for yourself.
Construction - Both are very similar and the frames are made from 7075 aluminum. The way they go together is also pretty much the same although the tabs on the Kilos material for pulling make it a little easier to assemble.
The poles slide through the main bar and are kept together with elastic cords. In the case of the Kilos, they tout the advantage of having steel cable, but they only use it on the front legs to the back poles. All others on the Kilos are attached with the same elastic cord as the KingCamp chair so if there is an advantage it is only slight.
The KingCamp doesn't have a headrest but being a high back I really don't miss it.

They both have mesh for airflow but the Kilos Gear chair's back mesh was noticeably cooler in the heat this past summer.

The Kilos has two cup holders and the KingCamp only has one. For those that are left handed though, you can put the KingCamp armrest with the cup holder on either side.

Thy both have a hanging pouch to stash your phone in. It's attached in the front on the KingCamp and on the right side of the seat on the Kilos. Having it on the right side on the Kilos may be a slight advantage espically when using a footstool.

Okay, here's the big one... Comfort.
I actually find the KingCamp more slightly more comfortable when sitting. I feel like I'm sliding slightly forward in the Kilos Gear chair. The frames are pretty close to the same so the difference is most likely the way the chair material is sewn together. With that said, when using a footstool with my legs elevated, they were both fine. I'm not alone. I had seven people sit and tell me which one they prefered. Five of the seven also prefered the KingCamp although three of those five saw no difference when using a footstool.

The Kilos Gear chair has an optional footstool that attaches to the chair for an additional $34.95 but I prefer a stand alone camping footstool I can move around and use with any chair. They typically run several dollars less (example).

Having purchased both chairs and using them for an entire camping season and all things considered, if I was going to buy another packable camping chair, I have would have trouble justify spending twice as much for the Kilos Gear 2.0 Arm Chair. I can get two of the King Camp chairs for the price of one Kilos Gear chair. The Kilos Gear chair is well made and clearly the better of the two, but at half the cost, the KingCamp chair works just fine for camping and packing in my canoe or teardrop camper. It takes up very little space when stored and is a little bit lighter for carrying.

You can't go wrong with either chair. If you're on a budget I'd recommend the KingCamp chair. If money's not a problem I found the Kilos Gear chair is the better of the two.

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Kilos Gear

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